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Teague, Teague & Associates

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                                                    DR. TEAGUE'S BOOKS


The Foundations of Following Jesus Christ

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ISBN-13: ‎ 979-8779252935

Get Milk is an introduction to the foundations of being a Christ Follower. It introduces aspects of following Jesus Christ that will help the nonbeliever, new believer and longtime believer examine the foundations that drives the behaviors and state of mind of those devoted to a life that is pleasing to God, serving of mankind and mindful of the self. It highlights beautiful, convicting, overwhelming, rewarding, blessing and challenging truths and experiences. Get Milk guides the reader to a deep understanding of the who, what, when, where and why of living a life in relationship with the Lord our God and in accordance with the Word of God. It uncovers and increases the awareness of the enduring nature of Christianity. Get Milk also provides the opportunity to address certain questions at the end of each chapter. This makes Get Milk a great resource for small groups as well as individuals.

The True Believer's Marriage

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ISBN-13: 978-1082101021

ISBN-10: 1082101028

The True Believer's Marriage discusses marriage through the lens of Biblical Scripture. It shines a bright light on Holy Matrimony that leads to life long, satisfying covenant between a husband and a wife. The True Believer's Marriage is a challenging resource in today's society, yet it will help lead you towards the most peaceful marriage you can have with your spouse. The only greater peace can come from your relationship with Jesus Christ Himself.

A Biblical View in Psychology: Psychology in the Light of Biblical Truth and Experience (High School Level Textbook)

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ISBN-13: 978-1082124426

ISBN-10: 1082124427

A Biblical View in Psychology: Psychology in the Light of Biblical Truth and Experiences is a one-of-a-kind Christian psychology book that gives an overview and illustrations of Biblical scripture that is foundational, comprehensive, experiential, and informational to the theories, hypotheses, and concepts in different areas of psychology. This book includes several introductory and foundational theories, hypotheses, and concepts in psychology for the reader to gain a general understanding of psychology. It goes further and helps the reader to learn about psychology through the lens and in the context of the Word of God. A Biblical View in Psychology: Psychology in the Light of Biblical Truth and Experiences strives to enhance the readers’ knowledge of psychology in our world while also enhancing the readers’ knowledge of the Word of God and what the Word of God shows us and has to say about the things of psychology.

Our Stories of Overcoming Pornography

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ISBN-13: 978-1088681152

ISBN-10: 1088681158

Our Stories of Overcoming Pornography is Dr. Teague’s second book of his "Our Stories of Overcoming" series. This book is a Christian guidebook on how believers and non-believers can better understand the silent and loud devastation of pornography and what it could mean to those dedicated to a belief in the Lord and a life of good health. Using a combination of firsthand testimonies, research and biblical commentaries, Dr. Teague provides readers with a comprehensive collection of lessons and wisdom for Christians who are "stuck" to pornography or for their friends, family and fellow worship community and/or Church members. This topic is often overlooked or belittled allowing for the growth of false beliefs, deception and negative consequences. The readers of this book should take to heart Dr. Teague’s honest and genuine sense of care for his fellow brothers and sisters in Christ as well as all people in general.